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About me

Ameen is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been tattooing for just over 4 


Ameen has switched disciplines throughout his career. From designing digital applications to fine-art and he has finally settled as a Tattoo Artist with a focus and love for fineline, Black and Grey, blackwork, Realism and traditional style. 

Ameen enjoys sharing his experiences through life and travel which allows him to relate on a deeper level and have a more contemporary approach in his work. When he is not tattooing, you’ll catch him skateboarding, surfing and collecting music records. 

Why me;

He has a great eye for detail and captures the composition of his work in an artistic and unique way, by leaving his mark in every piece. 

Art is what I live and breathe it everyday, it’s a love/hate relationship. Where we coexist somehow creating beautiful things that people like in the result. It’s magical. This is probably why I’m up to my neck with it. I cannot imagine doing anything else

“I love the concept of modifying the body, taking the ideas that people have and bringing them to life.”


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7 Rose Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1010

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